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Welcome to Heart Broken 317!

Heart Broken 317

Welcome to Heart Broken 317!

We are a newly hosted private server and we plan on staying around for a long time. We are looking for new players to play this server; to let us know what you think can be done to make it better. Ben and I are both very dedicated to making this server prosper and strive. We are looking for staff, but you must earn it by showing qualities of a mature person of this community. At the moment the server is as stable as we can make it, Ben is working on getting the cash for a VPN/VPS, until then Ben is trying his hardest to keep the server hosted on his own computer, this does not really effect gameplay, the server does not lag much at all, and when we have it hosted by a VPN/VPS, there will be no lag.


Please note that the server is still in it's beta stages, we are updating it a few times a day to make the server as interesting and enjoyable as possible.


Thank you for your time and patience, we will keep moving up until we reach the top :).



*Heart Broken 317 Staff Team*

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